DO THE WORK!!! #libleadgender Chat March 9

I’m moderating the next #libleadgender Twitter chat on Wednesday, March 9 at 8pm EST/7pm CST/5pm PST.

The topic is “DO THE WORK!!!” on building inclusivity in our workspaces and broader communities.

If you need something to read beforehand, check out my piece “A Cure for the Common Whiteness.”

Here are some questions to get us going:

  1. For you, what does it mean to DO THE WORK? How do you build inclusivity in your space?
  2. How do you encourage others to DO THE WORK in their spaces?
  3. Self-care is important. What do you do to prevent burn-out when DOING THE WORK?
  4. You need support to DO THE WORK. How do you build a good support network?
  5. Some folks don’t ever want to DO THE WORK. How do you navigate with/around them?

Feel free to suggest other questions and readings in the comments below or to me on Twitter.

See you on Wednesday, March 9!


Here’s the Storify of the chat. Great discussion!