Writings and Ramblings


“From Page to Screen and Back Again: Transmedia Storytelling as a Means to Build Literacy” at 2013 NY Comic Con as part of Professional Development Programming for Librarians and Educators. Presentation focused on the ways in which transmedia storytelling can be used to build literacy at all levels of education.

“Legal Research Made Easy as Circuit Riders Goes Cyber” at 2013 South Carolina Library Association and Southeastern Library Association Joint Conference. Presentation focused on the digitization of the South Carolina Circuit Riders program, a training program for public librarians assisting patrons with legal research.

“Research With Friends: Teaching Responsible Legal Research to Millennials Using Social Media Tools” at 2014 American Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting and Conference. Poster presentation highlighted the ways in which YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest could be used to engage first year law students in practicing legal research skills.

“Who Owns What: Intellectual Property in the Humanities” at the Humanities Initiative of New York University. Panel discussion of how intellectual property law is and will affect scholarship in the humanities.

“Serving the Student as Creator: Bringing Scholarly Communications Education to the Student Researcher” at 2015 Association of College and Research Libraries Annual Meeting. Facilitated roundtable discussion on best practices for engaging student researchers in learning about the scholarly communication life cycle.

“Mapping Your Future: What Can You Do With a B.A. in the Humanities?” at the Humanities Initiative of New York University. Panel discussion of the career opportunities available to students who major in the humanities.

“From Dusty Boxes to Data Bytes: Acquiring Rights to Special Collections in the Digital Age” at the Timberline Institute 2015. Presentation on best practices for acquiring rights to special collection materials destined for digitization.

Modeling Contributorship with TaDiRAH – Applying a Community-Based Taxonomy to Digital Projects” at the Triangle Scholarly Communication Institute 2015. Intensive working conference geared toward developing innovative solutions to issues related to validating and valuing digital scholarship.

“Building Blocks: Constructing Your Career Path Through Networking, Branding, and Flexibility” at the Spectrum Leadership Institute at the 2015 American Library Association Annual Conference. Panel presentation for early career librarians from underrepresented communities on the importance of networking, branding, and flexibility in starting and forging a library career.

“DSS @ NYU: Digital Scholarship Services in the NYU Libraries” at the inaugural meeting of the American College and Research Libraries Digital Scholarship Centers Interest Group. Presentation on the development and service model for digital scholarship services at New York University.

“Misguided Interculturalism: A Critical Analysis of the Human Library” at the inaugural Journal of Intercultural Studies Conference at CUNY. Presentation on the critical issues and potential solutions for the world-renowned Human Library project.

“The Digital Academia Power Struggle” at the 2015 Charleston Conference. Joint presentation with Mark Hahnel of Figshare on the ways in which increased digital scholarly output is affecting the development of scholarly communication systems.

“Open But Not Equal” at the CUNY Futures Initiative “Ideas in Circulation: Open Access for Social Justice” event. Presentation on the societal inequities still present in open access publishing and scholarship.

“Uniting the ‘Double Consciousness’: Making the Personal and Political Professional” at the New York State American Council of Education Women’s Network 2016 Women of Color Conference. Presentation on the ways women of color can bring their holistic identities to bear in their professional academic work.

“Breaking Below the Surface of Racism, Whiteness, and Implicit Bias” at the Association of College Libraries of Central Pennsylvania Spring 2016 Conference and the Temple University Libraries Spring 2016 Continuing Education series.

“White Librarianship in Blackface: Oppressive Normativity and Diversity Initiatives in LIS” at the Gender and Sexuality in Information Studies Symposium 2016 hosted by Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“Coping With Copyright in Public History” at the Telling Untold Histories Unconference at Rutgers Newark.

“Race Matters in Our Profession,” opening talk delivered at the 2016 Library Association of the City University of New York Institute “Race Matters: Libraries, Racism, and Antiracism.”

“Proven Strategies for Transitioning to Another Type of Library,” panel and book discussion for the New York Chapter of the Special Libraries Association.

Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities,” panel discussion at the 2016 National Diversity in Libraries Conference.

“Bridges and Intersections: Traversing Whiteness in Libraries,” closing keynote at the 2016 National Diversity in Libraries Conference.

“(Radical) Keywords for (Reference) Librarianship,” panel discussion on the applicability to librarianship of select keywords from AK Press’ Keywords: for Radicals: The Contested Vocabulary of Late-Capitalist Struggle for the Metropolitan New York Library Council Social Justice and Reference Special Interest Groups. 

“Taking a Critical Look,” interview with the WREK “Lost in the Stacks” library radio program.

“Opening Up the Margins,” opening keynote presented at the University of Kansas Open Access Week 2016 event, talk delivered at the Bucknell University New Horizons event, and closing talk at the Crossref Live 2016 annual meeting in London, England.

“Equity and Open,” panel discussion and workshop at OpenCon 2016 in Washington, D.C.

“Envisioning a World Beyond APCs/BPCs,” panel discussion at the University of Kansas 2016 Open Access Symposium.

“Race Matters Unconference 2017,” chaired and emceed a New York City-wide informal conference on the importance of race and whiteness in the library and information profession.

“Library Leadership and Gender: Expectations and Lived Experiences,” panel discussion at the 2017 Association of College and Research Libraries Conference.

“Racing to the Crossroads of Scholarly Communication: But Who Are We Leaving Behind,” North American Serials Interest Group 2017 Vision Speaker on incorporating marginalized voices and perspectives in scholarly communication work.

“Compartir Conocimiento: Chile, América del Sur y el mundo,” scholarly communication and open access workshop held at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago and  organized with the FORCE11 Scholarly Commons Working Group.

“Intellectual Freedom and Open Access: Working Toward a Common Goal?,” panel discussion at the 2017 American Library Association Annual Conference.

“Race Matters in Our Profession: Empowering Antiracist Praxis,” keynote presented at the Academic Library Association of Ohio 2017 conference.

“Bullying, Trolling, and Doxxing, Oh My! Protecting our Advocacy and Public Discourse around Diversity and Social Justice,” panel discussion at the 2018 American Library Association Annual Conference.

“Open South: The Open Science Experience in Latin America and the Caribbean,” scholarly communication and open access workshop held at the 2018 Force11 Scholarly Communication Institute.


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